St Cuthbert’s Big Read 2 – 1 Peter

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Want to grow in boldness and wisdom as a follower of Jesus in the places where you work, rest, and play?

Confidence in the world is grounded in the gospel and our identity in Christ. The apostle Peter ignites imagination and inspires hope for the possibilities of everyday life in a complex world. This six-session study discovers Peter’s trove of wisdom for everyday living. This is a letter that is both exhilarating in its scope and intensely grounded in the grittiness of real life. Like those who first received Peter’s letter, you will be challenged to see your daily context afresh and deeply encouraged to live confidently – Monday to Sunday – wherever you are.

Click HERE to join us as we read through 1 Peter together from Monday October 3.

You can also watch a great introduction to the letter of 1 Peter from the Bible Project below:

Find out more about the LICC Gateway 7 series:

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