Priorities & Values


Jesus Shaped People is a comprehensive and all-embracing programme for adults, children and young people. It builds on FIVE key priorities in the life and ministry of Jesus:


People-focused with special priority for those ‘on the edge’


Enabling his followers to be equipped, challenged, and united


Focusing on his mission, seeks his Father’s will, and celebrates Kingdom progress


Challenging hypocrisy, evil, false values, and injustice

The four priorities are explored through interactive small groups studies, dy-namic preaching and lively worship. Each of the themes takes three weeks, making a fifteen-week programme in total. At St Cuthbert’s, we are beginning this disci-pleship adventure in September 2018. We hope these will become significant priorities our church going forward.


Bede writes of St Cuthbert that ‘above all else, he was fired by the love of God’. At St Cuthbert’s Fulwood, we want this to be true of us as well!
We are a vibrant church, part of the Church of England, and our desire is to be a community who worship God, enjoy life together and are a blessing to the wider community.
Gathering & Being Scattered
We want to gather in different ways and formats, but always to recognise that we are then ‘sent out’ to the ‘ordinary places’ of life (i.e. family, friends, work, neighbourhood)

Life Groups
We want everyone to feel welcome at St Cuthbert’s and we also want to encounter the challenging but life transforming message of Jesus

Children's, Youth & Families
We seek to grow, both in numbers and in the depth of our faith

We recognise that all that we receive comes
from God and must be given away for the sake of others